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Custom Furniture Design


Custom-made goods are often my most requested product. That’s because when people come to my workshop, they’re looking for something unique and different. I go the extra mile to ensure that each piece isn’t run of the mill but is an exquisitely designed product that no one else has. Have something in mind you’d like created? Let me know and I’ll be happy to get started. From custom designs to carving materials, I have an extensive skill set that I use to design, create, and inspire.

Antique Restoration

Tradition and elegance within the modern living

We are experts in the craft of invisible repair, restoring damaged objects to their original flawless condition using authentic craftsmanship techniques.

Danhauser’s exceptional quality and uniqueness as a furniture maker lie in the harmonious combination of concreteness and abstraction - of functionality and emotion. From the Napoleonic Wars to the European Revolution Biedermeier was an influential German style of furniture design known for its elegance that extended into Scandinavia and was embraced by a rising middle class.  Biedermeier basis, not unlike the traditions of the Bauhaus School, lay in utilitarian principles and material philosophy. The style was a simplified interpretation of the influential French Empire Style adapting those silhouettes to fit a modern household and using locally available materials such as cherry, ash and oak


Furniture Installation

Specialized Craft

I personally guarantee the quality of each and every one of my products. At Vienna Woods, I set out to combine creativity with craftsmanship. I have worked extremely hard to provide only the best for all my customers. Whether you’re looking for a new Sycamore and Mahogany Cabinet custom fitted for your home or the perfect Wood Coffee Table with unique design, get in touch today and discover all the wonderful possibilities of working with Vienna Woods.

Wood Selection

Ecological Choices

Veneer, aside from its beauty factor, is an ecological choice in furniture making.
Veneer has the least impact on total energy use compared with any other building materials. Veneer is nontoxic and it extends the use of a piece. Traditional woodworking is an extension of the human-nature relationship with a long history of making ecological and environmental choices.

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