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Founder of Vienna Woods Janusz Maszkiewicz is a proficient craftsman, sculptor and a preeminent artist in the field of marquetry veneer inlays. 


Janusz Maszkiewicz, was born and raised in Chelmza a small town in central-north Poland. Nothing in his early childhood would suggest he would turn out to be an artist. For a fatherless teenager with two young siblings growing up in post-war Poland, the sensible path would have been to stay put and help the family farm the land. However, Janusz would choose something much more ambitious. In his early days, he was the man of the land, splitting his time between farming, mountain climbing, and rowing. Once the time of educational transition came, however unprecedented for a man of his heritage, the path of higher learning was where his ambitions carried him. He moved to the nearby town of Torun, known not only as a birthplace of Renaissance man Nicolaus Copernicus but also for having a pretty good art school, to begin his studies and form a family with a gorgeous biology student Margo.
Janusz graduated from university with a degree in fine arts and chemistry and started a career as an antique restorer. An outgoing, personable young man with a healthy dose of wanderlust, Janusz would share his time between native Poland and London perfecting his craft and building experience as a designer and craftsman. In the 80’s he emerged in the bustling NY art scene letting his creative flag fly. His collaborations from that time included many contemporary artists and friends such as Keith Haring.
Mr. Maszkiewicz eventually settled in LA where he opened Vienna Woods in the early ’90s.

Vienna Woods is a family affair. Janusz’ wife Margo is the quiet force of Vienna Woods, taking care of the administrative work and as an artistic creative advisor. Throughout the years the business has extended its family to include not only biological but some “adopted” children as well. These apprentices include the owner of Costantini Design (NYC manufacturer specializing in high-end furniture, lighting and objets d'art) and the owner of Antique Restoration Masters based in Dallas, TX. Both have built successful careers of their own and are carrying on the tradition of Vienna Woods by building furniture which balances the timelessness of traditional techniques with the function and aesthetics of the contemporary design.

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